Lead Generation – The IQ Way

It’s a fact that most businesses struggle to find someone within the company who isn’t afraid of picking up the phone! We all know that if you don’t actively reach out to your prospects then growth can be slow if not stagnant.

All businesses are looking for qualified leads and our team at IQ4Business take on the role of initial point of contact, reaching out to prospects so that our clients have a sales funnel to work from.

Our team carry out a number of activities such as generating interest, creating opportunities, accessing information, listening to customer feedback, making appointments and producing leads by telephone.

If you don’t like doing it or don’t have the time then hand it over to IQ4Business and we’ll put our tele-marketing experience to good use.

  • We get to know your business and work with you to identify outputs.
  • Our team assess your existing customer database. If you don’t already have one then we can create one for you.
  • If it needs cleansing then we will work with it and update it at the same time.
  • We create new prospect lists based on the profile of the companies you are looking to do business with.
  • We provide you an update of activity and conversations based on each call made, along with actions for follow-up.

It’s easier to state what we don’t do – we don’t use scripts; we don’t buy in lists; and we don’t sell!  What we do is – get familiar with our client’s services, products and ethos in order to represent them as well as we can when we are on the phone.

At IQ4Business we build bespoke databases for our clients based on their knowledge and understanding of their ideal customer.

We use Salpo CRM for each client so they have their own CRM unless a client has one they are using and then we become proficient in using their CRM system. We aim to have a dedicated member of our team working with a client which helps them embed into the company they are working for and builds a bond between the owners, IQ4Business and the member of our team making the calls.

We build relationships on behalf of our clients to keep their business on the radar of past, current and prospective customers and are truthful and take pride in dealing honestly with our clients and their customers.

Client Feedback

Using IQ4Business for prospecting and lead generation is very different from our previous experience. Historically we used an in-house member of staff who came from the telesales sector. In retrospect, this was probably a mistake. Their approach erred too much on the selling side and which is not what we want because we need to go into prospective companies at managing director level. We came to realise that anyone prospecting on our behalf has to be the type of person who would end up meeting with the client at the end of the day. They needed to have been successful in their own organisation and understand business. The reason we feel that it is working well now is that IQ4Business are a highly effective communicator and able to provide answers when questioned by prospective customers.

Cormack Consultancy Group

Charles Cormack, Director