Don’t overlook your dormant customers!

As business owners we hold a lot of information on our customers both current and dormant. We usually just focus on our current customers leaving the ones that have used us in the past to sadly fade into the background! At IQ4B we regularly review dormant customer contacts on behalf of our own clients and it’s so important not to overlook them.


I just have spent some time today going over a dormant customer list for one of our clients. From 20 contacts I have not only been able to update the database on who is still there or not, but have had three dormant customers sign up to receive my client’s newsletter as well as finding a brand-new Purchasing Manager who was very interested to know what my client does.


So, a few hours spent in reviewing a customer database has delivered up to date contacts; new additions to my client’s mailing list; plus a new contact at a dormant customer that is planning to add us to their supplier list. It just goes to show that taking time to cleanse data sets and reconnect pays off and it is so much easier to reactivate dormant customers than find new ones!

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